Services Your Web Development Provider Should Offer

Friday, April 12, 2013 by Nicholas Gagne

Having an outside company take care of all of your company’s web development needs is a fantastic idea. It saves time, money, and it provides professional results that are sometimes simply unachievable by doing your web development in-house.

There are certain services that your web development provider should offer to ensure a quality experience. While it’s definitely not a given that all web development companies will offer these services, it is a given that the top web development companies will offer a variety of these services mentioned in the article. If your web development company doesn’t offer all of these services, you should consider switching to a different provider.


Mobile is the present, and it’s definitely the future. If your company doesn’t have a mobile strategy, you might be falling behind your competitors that do. That’s why it’s important for your web development company to offer some sort of mobile solution. They don’t have to necessarily build the strategy behind your company’s mobile efforts, but they should be able to take your strategy and turn it

Maybe your web development provider doesn’t specialize in mobile, but they should at least be able to provide some sort of mobile solution for your company. It’s very important that your web development provider has some abilities to program for mobile.

Services Your Web Development Provider Should Offer

IT Solutions

In addition to doing your web development, the company you’re working with should also offer some sort of IT solutions if you ever need it. Your web development company should have highly trained staff that can address issues relating to network administration and quality assurance protocols. While you’re obviously not paying this company to be your primary IT technician, most web development companies offer basic IT solutions, just like

Unless you’re a relatively small company and have your own internal IT person, your web development company likely won’t be able to replace your IT company or consultant. But what they can do is help solve certain problems so you don’t have to call your IT guy to come fix it. This can be very helpful, as it can save you money since you cut out the middle man in some situations.

Project Management

You want your outside web development company that you’ve hired to be completely autonomous, that is to take your ideas and turn them into executions. Obviously you want to be able to intercede if necessary, but the company you’re working with should be able to work completely independently while providing great results.

All In One

Lastly, your web development company should really be an all in one service. This means that they should be able to create solutions that streamline everything, like creating a content management system that works with your mobile and web presence.

Having a web development provider that is all in one is important, because it will be complicated and obnoxious having to search around for different providers for certain issues. Making sure your provider does all in one is key to success.

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