Quick and Easy Character Encoding Tool

Sunday, May 21, 2006 by Nicholas Gagne

For anyone who has tried to work with special characters, especially Microsoft Word formatted text, finding the right code for each special character can be very time consuming. In order to make this process easier for us I have developed a quick and easy UTF-8 character encoding tool.

Paste your unencoded text into the "Input Text" box, choose whether or not to encode quotes, and press the "Encode" button. Your UTF-8 encoded text will magically appear in the "Output Text" box.

The encoding used in this tool is based on the W3C's Character Entity Reference. If you prefer to do the character encoding manually, I suggest you use evolt.org's Simple Character Entity Chart, not only is it accurate, but it presented in a very usable manner. If you If you have any requests feel free to leave a comment below.