Marketing Tips for Web Development and Design Firms

Friday, April 19, 2013 by Nicholas Gagne

Have you recently started a web development business and you’re searching for more clients and customers? Maybe you have an established web design and development firm and are simply seeking for a way to gain more clients. If so, it’s important to shake up your marketing tactics and techniques in order to generate some buzz around your business and gain some more clients.

Struggling with ideas as to how you can improve your web development firm’s marketing tactics? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Marketing can be a difficult field to grasp, especially if you’re busy dealing with clients and running your own business. It becomes even more difficult when it’s a web development firm you’re running, because some traditional marketing tactics don’t work. If you’re looking for some ways you can turn up the marketing efforts for your firm, check out these ideas.

Promotional Materials

Marketing Tips for Web Development and Design Firms

Promotional materials might seem an odd marketing tactic when it comes to marketing a web development firm, but if you get creative with it you can develop generate some interest for your business. Promotional materials are inexpensive to create and you’ll typically see a return on investment due to the business that you’ll generate if you go the promotional materials route. You can get materials that coincide with whatever event you’d like to market at, and thus have a great way for people to always see your name.

You’ll want to get as creative as you can with promotional material marketing. Check out the Mines Press blog to get some ideas and help get your creative juices flowing. The more variety of different promotional products you invest in, the higher the likelihood that those promotional materials will pay off in the form of new clients.

Search Engine Optimization

As a web development and design firm, a lot of your potential leads likely come from people searching for your services online. Since this is the case, it’s important that you include search engine optimization is a major marketing factor in your entire marketing plan. If you’re not doing anything relating to SEO, this could be the reason you’re not seeing any leads come in or earning any new business.

Read up on different search engine optimization techniques in order to get a basic understanding, and try and dedicate some of our time to SEO if you are able to. If not, hire a professional SEO consultant to take over your SEO efforts, and you’ll likely see a significant return on investment in a few months time.

Social Media

Another key to having success at marketing your web development and design firm is by maintaining social media accounts. Having various accounts that are constantly updated and engaging is key to being noticed by potential clients, so the more accounts you’re able to operate the more leads you’ll potentially generate.

Make sure you maintain active accounts on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, but don’t limit it to just those three. Potential leads could come from just about anywhere, so the more social networks you’re on the better.

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