Inside the Creation of a Successful Website

Thursday, October 18, 2012 by Nicholas Gagne

With the increasing prevalence of online marketing, building a website is the way to get your name out there while attracting new clients. Deciding to create a website is just part of the process; once you find out how to create a website, you must utilize the tools at hand to ensure its success over the long-term. By keeping the following tips in mind during your website creation, you will have a better shot at succeeding in the ever-growing World Wide Web.

Amount of Information

No matter what type of business you're in, you undoubtedly have quite the story to tell. From products and services to the history behind the business, there is so much to tell on one little website. Before you decide to make pages upon pages of information about your website, consider honing in on what is the most important information your customers need to know right up front. You can always add extra pages for people who want to go more in depth, but keep your home page clean. Nothing scares internet surfers more away than a page that has too much information on it.

Graphics and Designs

Graphics and design templates are the items that really make your information pop. In this sense, your website really tells a story about your business without coming across as an advertisement. Still, just as you want to be conservative with text, you should use graphics only when they complement the website. If you place an excessive amount of cute graphics, your website will look messy and customers might not take your business seriously.

Ease of Use

Your website looks clean and is probably easy for people to use. Before you go live and test out your website, you should take a hard look at how easy it really is to surf your site. Is all relevant information available without having to look too hard? Is there an easy-to-find contact page and phone number listed? If your clients have a difficult time using your website, they might not come back. Even worse yet—they might reach out to a competitor!

Emotional Connectivity

When someone comes in contact with your website, they will make an instant impression of your business based on all that you have on the pages. Your potential client will either:

  • Contact you for more information right away
  • Save your information for later
  • Never contact you

The latter reaction is not desirable when you want to grow your business through your website. So it is important to make the best impression possible and to create a connection with prospective clients. In order to get there, put yourself in their shoes—are they expecting a serious professional, a light-hearted business or perhaps a company that is completely out of the ordinary? Before you put your website up, it is important to answer these questions and have a clear idea of what type of customers you want to attract.