Boosting Your Online Business

Wednesday, October 3, 2012 by Nicholas Gagne

If you're trying to realize your entrepreneurial dreams or just hoping to supplement your current income, you probably have toggled with the idea of starting a business that you could run online. Thousands of Americans are already doing this and each month, thousands more are wetting their feet into internet business pool. It's not hard to see why when millions of people are online everyday and even when not in front of a computer, can use things like their phones to access it. The internet is a valuable part of life everyday for many people and so they often do their shopping online too. If you have an internet-run business, you are part of today's business savvy in-crowd - or at least you'd like to be. After you've gone through the process of developing your business on paper, then making it a reality and moving it online, you may be asking yourself, "What's the next step?" It isn't enough to sit on a live site and hope that traffic will magically find its ways your e-commerce doors. Having a good-looking, functional website is very good, but it isn't good enough especially when chances are high that your competitors have also invested in optimizing their website layouts too. What can you do to boost your online business, become more visible and drive more traffic to your website that will translate into sales revenue? Well, allow us to share with you a couple nifty tips and tricks to help put you at the forefront of your industry:

Harness the power of email marketing:

Sending an email is easy, but sending an email that effectively makes someone want to go to your website and make a purchase, is not as easy - it requires a little in-depth marketing know-how. While you can try to shoulder the responsibility of this exercise on your own, why not take it a step further and hire a company that specializes in it? There are many companies with whom you can connect online (how convenient!) for example, you can get email marketing services by iContact very affordably. Make sure you communicate exactly what you want to achieve and ensure that whichever company you go with is able to incorporate general leading content about your products or services as well as specific content about sales and promotions.

Get into Tweeting:

Twitter is the world's most popular micro-blogging service right now and it will be for some time to come. Just about everyone has a Twitter account and every company with an online presence does as well. It is a great way to quickly and concisely promote your business while keeping in touch and developing strong relationships with your existing and potential customers. Twitter is provocative and any company that has a strong following is able to realize sustainable traffic to their actual website. Re-tweet some of the positive feedback you receive and deal head on with the negative too. Once you are able to establish yourself on Twitter you will realize a marked increase in visits to your site and that can mean good things for your sales margin.

Try our tips in combination today and look forward to seeing results much sooner than you expect!