Advanced Web Ranking and Advanced Link Manager Review

Wednesday, August 25, 2010 by Nicholas Gagne

If you're serious about SEO and want your websites to start ranking on the top of Google you need to have the right tools at your disposal. There are a lot of different programs out there that claim to get you to the first page of Google, and while there isn't any 100% guaranteed way to get a page 1 listing in Google, there are just some tools that do a better job than others.

Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking from Caphyon is a desktop application that has a collection of tools to help in various aspects of the SEO process, such as for keyword research, competition evaluation, keeping track of search engine ranking, and reporting of results for clients or managers.

The install process was quick and painless; no need to configure API credentials or fill out any personal information. After I started up Advanced Web Ranking I was presented with a clear user interface and straight forward tutorials and wizards that make setting up a new project simple. They just ask the minimal information about the website you're trying to promote, what keywords you're trying to rank for and what search engines you want to monitor.

First, they present you with the 3 top US search engines selected (Google, Yahoo and Bing) and an option to select from a list of over 1000 search engines - some language or country specific (such as Baidu or country specific versions of Google), and others more niche specific (such as YouTube.)

Advanced Web Ranking

The keyword section let's you bulk import your keyword list from a variety of sources including WordTracker and Google Suggest. If you don't have a keywords list the software helps you to search for keywords offering suggested words as you go.

After you're done setting up the project, Advanced Web Ranking immediately goes to work and fetches your SERPs from the selected search engines based on the selected words. After your results are fetched an "assistant" window pops up with options on what you can do next. The option I choose was to view my overall visibility in the search engines. This helps sum up how many keywords you have in the first spot, top 3, top 5, etc. for the search engines.

In addition to keeping track of the rankings for your own website, you can also set up tracking for your competitor's websites in order to track competition over time. This will let you see your competitor's movement and help you determine where to focus your SEO in order to stay on top in the search engine rankings.

All of this knowledge is helpful, but the real power comes from being able to view your movement over a period of time, and monitor which keywords are moving up (or down) in the search engines. The software features line graphs and data to show you the change in rankings over the period of time you specify. This helps you to put more of your focus on the words that are working and which words have potential, as well as confirm the result of your search engine optimization efforts.

Advanced Link Manager

Advanced Link Manager

Another great tool from Caphyon that works really well with Advanced Web Ranking for link building is the Advanced Link Manager program. It features the same simple installation and easy to use interface. The project setup is even simpler as you just need to enter your website's homepage URL (you can add more URLs to get deep linking results) and you're off.

Once the results are fetched, you can view the referring web pages and monitor changes over time. This can help you determine which keywords you need to be building inbound links for. Another nice feature is that it can help you to find websites where you can build more inbound links. One great feature that I haven't seen is the Broken Link finder. This will search through your list of inbound links and filter out only the ones that are hitting a 404 page not found error. That way you can 301-redirect these links back to a valid page in order gain back any lost credit in the search engines.

Advanced Link Manager

One of the great features of these programs is that you can set up a batch process to run at any given time (I prefer while I'm sleeping) to fetch daily results for all of the websites you're monitoring. Additionally, you can set up each application to email your results on a regular basis, which can be helpful if you are doing SEO for clients or you just need to put together weekly reports for a manager.

Just like the Advanced Web Ranking software, you can use this application to keep track of your competition. This will also help uncover new sources of inbound links for your own website. You'll start to find new websites where the competition is building their links that you would have otherwise never thought of.

Give it a Try

I've tried a lot of different SEO applications over the past 5 years and I can say that Advanced Web Rankings and Advanced Link Manager are definitely some of the best that I've used. Sure, there are other ways to get similar information, but it typically takes huge amounts of time, and when you're working on SEO, your time is valuable! I highly recommended that you take the free 30 day trial and see how well Advanced Web Rankings and Advanced Link Manager work for you.